Patient & Public Involvement

Several of the TUDA-related projects have included Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) engagements with a number using a real-time e-participation tool. This approach provides insight into causes of diseases of ageing from the perspective of various stakeholders including TUDA participants, health care professionals, carers and relevant charities, the findings of which can be used to inform research questions.

AIM4HEALTH PPI Engagement – Derry – 22-Mar-2023
AIM4HEALTH PPI Engagement – Malahide – Dublin – 20-Jan-2023
DARUG PPI engagement, Coleraine – 30-May-2019
DARUG PPI engagement, Magee – 10-May-2019

Personal Involvement events to date:

  • AIM4HEALTH PPI Engagement – Derry – 23-Mar-2023
  • AIM4HEALTH PPI Engagement – Malahide – Dublin – 20-Jan-2023
  • AIM4HEALTH PPI engagement, Gransha, Derry – 08-Dec-2022
  • DARUG PPI engagement, Ulster Hospital – 13-Jun-2019
  • The TUDA Study – Information evening -18-Oct-2018