About TUDA

History of TUDA

A total of 5,186 community-dwelling adults, aged 60-102 years, who were born on the island of Ireland, were recruited from 2008-2012, and have been phenotypically, biochemically, genetically and clinically characterised in relation to nutrition and health. Of the cohort, 2,100 participants with a hypertension diagnosis were recruited from general practice/cardiology clinics within the Northern and Western Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland. The remaining TUDA participants were recruited from bone and memory outpatient clinics at St. James’ Hospital, Dublin.

A follow-up study of 1,000 participants from the original cohort was conducted 5-9 years after the initial sampling to investigate the effects of nutritional, lifestyle and environmental factors on diseases of ageing over time. In addition, a number of randomised controlled trials have been conducted to examine the effect of nutritional intervention on specific health outcomes. For details on specific studies, see Projects tab.